Q and A: What is the difference between Supreme and Premium Vinyl Kits?

Question : What is the Difference Between Supreme and Premium Vinyl Kits?

When you are needing to buy Chevy Silverado Stripes or Ram Truck Decal kits, you want the best vinyl that your money will buy. So a common question we receive is "What is the difference between Supreme and Premium Vinyl Kits?"

This is an easy to answer question.  Simply put, some installers have a preference in their installation style, "wet" or "dry" installation. The difference between the Supreme and the Premium needs to be explained, because we know you have a choice when buying these "Cut To Fit" Vinyl Graphics Kits.

Does Supreme Wrap Vinyl cost more?

But why does the Supreme Vinyl cost more?  Our Supreme Vinyls are available in both Avery Supreme Wrap and/or 3M 2080 Air Egress Vinyls.  These vinyls cost more to produce when you compare with the price of Avery or 3M "wet" install vinyls.  But the quality of Avery Supreme Wrap and/or 3M 2080 Air Egress Vinyls is supreme, and the price is well worth it if you need a dry install vinyl.

So when you are in the market for purchasing Dodge Challenger Racing Stripes or Ford Mustang Graphics, you or your installer may prefer a "Dry" install vinyl using one of these Supreme Vinyls.  The results will be a quicker installation which means a better value in the life of your vehicle.  These kits also have better warranty.

What is the difference between installing Supreme Wrap and Premium Vinyl?

These Premium 3M High Performance Automotive Grade Vinyl with a "Wet" installation have been on the market for many decades and have been the go-to vinyl for hundreds of thousands of installers. Installing these stripes with the "wet" method, meaning using a soapy solution or other wetting agent has been the preferred method by these professionals. However new techniques using the Dry Install Supreme vinyls like Avery Supreme Wrap and 3M 1080 Air Egress Material have in recent years become an industry standard.

This new dry install vinyl material has an "Air Egress" design with air channels that pushes the air out of the vinyl when installing, which means less chances for bubbles!  Many professionals use this vinyl in the car wrap industry to cover entire vehicles with this dry install vinyl.

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Is there a warranty for the vinyl you offer?

The warranty on the Avery Supreme Wrap or 3M 2080 Supreme Vinyls is 7 years on vertical applications, and 3 years on horizontal applications. The warranty of the 3M High Performance Vinyl is 3 years on vertical applications and 1year on horizontal applications. Both the Supreme Dry Install and Premium Wet Install vinyls should be cared for following the factory specs included.

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